Santa Monica win: http://www.smdp.com/Articles-c-2010-09-23-70381.113116_Officials_ease_food_truck_enforcement.html

Santa Monica is no longer enforcing their 30 minute time limit rule.  This will help us overturn other unlawful time limit rules throughout the Southland.  The City Attorney for Culver City has informed us that they do not have the resources to “officially” remove their 15 minute ordinance from the Municipal Code.  However, it is their understanding that the CCPD will no longer enforce the 15 minute time limit rule.  If you receive a ticket in Culver City for a time limit violation, please let us know so we can inform the City attorney’s office.

We now have a legal intern who will be assisting our attorney in contacting all the local cities with time limit laws.  Please let me know which cities you would like us to start with.

5700 Wilshire: Please keep me up to date on the status of Wilshire.  I will likely be out there with Captain Davis sometime this week talking to trucks about the new enforcement on the 5700 block.

The Heritage Museum lot. The lot kicks off tomorrow.  It will be once a week.  The cost is $100, however, I have some sponsors and I’m trying to get the cost down with their help.  This lot has gotten a lot of press and I think it’s going to do well.  Please send your booking request to lots@socalmfva.com.  YOU MUST HAVE A SANTA MONICA PERMIT to participate.  Please make sure you’re not over 30 days on any invoice.  The lot owner wants 10 trucks, but I’m starting out with 8.  If it’s a huge success tomorrow I’ll book 10.

First Friday: Please send in your request to be a part of the next First Friday.  We are buying up all the parking on the street and “strategically” placing the trucks.  Please be sure you have a bathroom letter.  The cost will be from $75-$125.

Artwalk: I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the Artwalk debacle.  We are thinking about running out lot anyway.  What do you think?

The Bylaws have been changed to allow online elections. We will send out the electronic voting form on Wednesday.   The current candidates are:

Maxson Smith – Tasty Meat

Matthew Geller -SCMFVA

Sumant Pardal – India Jones

Maria Moctezuma Big Swirl Truck

The board consists of three members.  The board will choose the CEO after they’ve been selected.




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