Two years ago, after the most recent lawsuit was filed against Los Angeles for 80.73 (b)2F (30 & 60 minute time restrictions), the City Attorney issued a “no enforcement” declaration to the city agencies. Basically, LAPD and DOT stopped enforcing all regulation pertaining to trucks located in section 80.73 of the municipal code. These regulations have made up the framework of food truck enforcement for over three decades. After the lawsuit, no one told the LAPD and the DOT to resume enforcing the VALID regulations.

This puts us where we are today. The City has been screaming that there are no regulations because none have been enforced. That is all about to change. We don’t want new restrictive regulations, we want to adhere to the regulations that have allowed food trucks to operate responsibly for over three decades.


5700 Wilshire
You must obey the posted parking restrictions, including, but not limited to, restrictions on stopping, loading, and parking from either posted signs or painted curbs [ LAMC 80.73(b)2(B)]. This regulation will be used to restrict access to 5700 Wilshire. 80.73(b)2(B) does not allow you to “just take a ticket.” THIS IS NOT A PARKING TICKET. THIS IS A MISDEMEANOR. A ticket written from this code section is $150-$250 and will get you a trip to court to go in front of a judge. If you get two of these tickets the judge can enforce stricter penalties. The roll out of the enforcement of this code section will begin within two weeks. Councilman LaBonge has said to me that he has no problems with the trucks being at 5800 and 5900, and I’m working with his staff to increase the parking time limits on 5900 from 2 hours to 4 hours like they are on 5800. Additionally, they are going to start a pilot program soon that will pick 5-7 trucks every thursday to have free parking on the street for a “farmers market” style truck event. The trucks will be picked at random. BUT… You may not have any parking tickets or infractions to be considered. We’re still working out the details.

The dispensing of victuals shall be permitted on any street except at or from: Any location within 100 feet of the nearest part of any intersection [80.73 (b)2(A)3]. The police will begin to enforce this code section. If you are within 100 feet of an intersection. They WILL site you for this infraction. THIS IS NOT A PARKING TICKET. THIS IS A MISDEMEANOR. A ticket written from this code section is $150-$250 and will get you a trip to court to go in front of a judge. If you get two of these tickets the judge can enforce stricter penalties. The roll out of the enforcement of this code section will begin within two weeks. 114315 of the Cal CODE says: A food facility shall be operated within 200 feet of an approved and readily available toilet. If you do not have a bathroom letter on Sawtelle, you should not go. The Senior Lead Officer will be asking for them regularly now. If you do not have one, and you stay longer than an hour, you can be cited for interference with police business. You will also be reported to the Health Department. The West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, is close to requesting height limitation on their street. This will put an end to all vending. They don’t mind a few trucks there, but they want them in compliance with ALL regulations. This include bathroom letters, distance from intersections, and keeping the sidewalks clear of signs, tables, chairs.

This City is our shared resource.
I have met with multiple council offices and neighborhood councils over the past few weeks. Their complaints are valid and we’re working on addressing them. Together we can make a decision to protect our shared resource and show the City that we are a responsible industry servicing a public need.
Some things we can do now:
– Do not park in the red.
– Red zones are expressly for the public safety. Their placement is carefully decided for the needs of the city and the public at large. If you park in the red it sends a VERY bad message to the city and the public. This is something we can decide to do together, today. The DOT has been instructed to write tickets for this now.
-If you are in Santa Monica, you must leave 35 feet between the trucks. This is not negotiable and we must adhere to this rule. Currently, the city is giving us leeway on the 30 minute time limit, because of our upcoming case. Let’s show them we can adhere to the rest of the regulations that actually are for the public safety.
– I’ve been seeing a lot of trucks without trashcans. Your trash hatch is NOT SUFFICIENT. You must have a CONSPICUOUS litter receptacle which is clearly marked with a sign requesting its use by patrons [ LAMC 80.73(b)2(D)].
– The “hatch” of a truck shall be at least 7 feet above the sidewalk in order to avoid patron collisions [LAMC 56.08(e) ] If you can’t get your hatch high enough please pad it in some way to protect pedestrians. SMOKIN Willies had a great solution. SW, please email a pic.

Abbot Kinney and FF:
The biggest complaints from the AK Merchants Association do not come from the restaurants. Instead they come from the clothing stores who’s merchandise is damaged if a strong smelling truck parks in front of their store. We have the freedom to do business, but we should always make sure that our freedoms are not damaging other’s livelihoods. I know parking is tough on FF, but we’ve come up with a plan to fix it. For the next FF the street’s parking will be bought by the AK Merchants and The SCMFVA from 5pm-11pm, there will be no saving spaces, all spaces will be assigned. We will strategically place trucks on the street where they have letters and away from high congestion zones and retail stores that do not want them. This is a very big change, but it is the only way we’re going to be able to maintain this event for the trucks. Councilman Bill Rosendahl is a friendly voice that is trying to work with us. We need to show some good faith or that will change quickly.

Master Calendar:
I’m working on a master calendar that will allow members update their schedules (two weeks). The calendar will start with the hotspots such as Wilshire, AK and Sawtelle, so that we can start spreading ourselves out. If we can see where everyone is, it will allow us to avoid too many trucks in certain areas. I think this will be a valuable tool for us.

NEW LOTS: These lots are through our partnership with Mobile Vending Solutions: They will be helping us with the promotion, but we need to get serious about promoting new lots. If we work together we can get them up and running and they’ll be a resource for everyone. The scheduling and payment for these lots will be taken care of by Mobile Vending Solutions.

The following is the order in which we are opening up our lots:
4477 Hollywood Blvd. (@ Sunset Blvd.) – Evening Lot (exact times will come shortly)
$67 per day
800 Royal Oaks Monrovia, CA (In the City of Hope Business Center)
$33 per day
5600 Sunset Blvd. – Home Depot – 5PM to Midnight
$70 per day
4652 Hollywood Blvd. (Near Vermont) – Exact times will come shortly
$67 per day
1725 Gower St. (@ Hollywood Blvd.) – Exact time will come shortly
$60 per day
1670 Beverly Blvd. (@ Union) – This lot is near a high school and a busy bus stop. Should be great during school months. I am going to start this location off with a regular catering truck and see how business does. When it comes time to release it to the Association members I will have a better idea of sales
Santa Monica MAIN St. Lot will begin operating in October. I will give more detail on this on Wednesday.


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