Elections: I’ll send out the election form today by 4pm.

Lot on Main St: This was a huge success. Please email me with your available dates to lots@socalmfva.com – SUBJECT LINE: NEW LOT. I will be carefully picking the trucks for the first month to ensure a varying selection of food. What do you think the lot should be called (fill in the quick survey)? http://fs21.formsite.com/SoCalMFVA/form856991852/index.html?1285857016206

It’s official: The Santa Monica City Attorney called our attorney to tell him that they are taking the 30 minute time limit restriction off the books!

Culver City: If you have any time limit issues in Culver City, please let me know. Their City Attorney told us that there would be no more enforcement of their time limit rule.

Burbank, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Glendale: All received calls yesterday to put them on notice that their time limit restriction are invalid. We’re now waiting for an official response. I’ll keep you posted.

Councilman Alarcon: I went to the business and jobs committee on Tuesday (good way to spend a bday). Alarcon passed a motion to look for alternative means to make restaurants more competitive. Before the meeting Councilman Alarcon’s planning deputy pulled me aside to tell me that Alarcon is committed to being a truck ally and fighting new regulations. This is a good sign since he is also on the Transportion Committee and was critical of LaBonge’s efforts to increase regulation.
This is a very big deal, and I’m happy that the Councilmembers are starting to come around. This means that Rosendahl, and Alarcon are both pro truck.

Booking lots:
When booking a lot, please find the date you would like, request it via lots@socalmfva.com, wait for a confirmation. When you get a confirmation, CHECK THE SCHEDULE TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE.

CENTURY LOT: can be booked once a month. If you need to cancel, I will make the substitution. If you are going to trade the day, please get it approved first. You must be ready to serve by 11am.

THE HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION CENTER LOT: is booked in rounds. So we have just completed 3 rounds of booking. If you are a new truck you start at the round we’re currently on. Request the Hollywood lot in a separate email (no multi requests). Please use “x Request for the HPC LOT” x is the number of times that you’ve been there. The number should coincide with the round of booking we’re on. We are currently on our 4th round of booking: So please use “4th Request for the HPC LOT” in the SUBJECT LINE when booking that lot. ( If you are a new member, and you’ve never booked the HPC lot, you still use 4th Request for HPC Lot) If you need to cancel, I will make the substitution. If you are going to trade the day, please get it approved first. You must be ready to serve by 12pm.
If you are a dessert truck, you can now book the Hollywood Production Center lot. The few test days that we did were very successful. The Shift is from 230-5pm.

LA MART: You can book every 3 weeks. If you are going to cancel, you are responsible for finding a replacement. You must be ready to serve by 11:30am.

Santa Monica Main St. Lot: I’m still working out the parameters for this lot. IF YOU WANT TO GO, MAKE SURE YOU’RE PERMITTED IN SANTA MONICA.

After you request the lot and I send a confirmation, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, check the schedule to be sure you are on the schedule for the right day. If you do this, you will save me a whole lot of time and stress.

There has been quite a few late appearances and no shows at lots lately (one of which was my fault… Sorry VIZZI). I understand that sometimes things happen, if you can not make it to a lot, because of truck troubles, please do not wait until the last minute to call me. Let me know ASAP so I can substitute another truck.
I am instituting a late fee $50, and a no show fee $100. If you get a fee invoice, it must be paid before you can schedule or visit another lot.

5700: Thank you to everyone making this issue settledown. Captain Davis and I will be walking the street tomorrow, to inform OTHER trucks of the 5700 restriction.

Pennsylvania: Things are going well there. Please be sure that your truck is parked 35 feet (two car spaces) from the next truck. Before you park, check to see if anyone near you has saved a space. If you save a space, be sure to put something in the window of the space saving car

First Friday: It is going to be a mess again. Again, I apologize for not getting the parking. The City did a 180 on me. I’ll keep working on it.

Artwalk: Sunny and I will have the trucks picked by tomorrow.

Interns. I’ve hired two interns! YAY! One is helping out with the the legal issues. The other will be doing scheduling of the lots, lot scouting and general organization tasks.

Website: Please check the members section to see if you are listed the way you want to be listed, and that your link is correct.

There were two articles in Santa Monica about the removal of the 30 minute time limit. Both articles listed me and the association as main reasons for the removal of the time limit rule. I just wanted everyone to know that Kevin Behrendt, our attorney, is the driving force behind that victory. Kevin has been a huge resource for us and is truly worth every penny we spend legal fees. Now that we have this victory, he is using it as a tool to breakdown the other time limit rules.


One response to “UPDATE 9/30

  1. Dear SCMFVA,

    Thanks for the work you are doing, and all of the informative updates. Your conscientiousness and attention to detail in not only necessary, but greatly appreciated. On behalf of Takosher, I look forward to completing our registration procedure, and officially becoming part of the SCMFVA.

    Thank you,

    Lowell Bernstein

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