Health Department Meeting 8/25
The Grading Ordinance will be introduced in September.  It will mirror the current restaurant Grading ordinance.
Inspections will have weighted point deductions.  You will be inspected twice a year for grading purposes.  (Unless you ask for an Owner Initiated Inspection- See below)
A low risk violation will be a 1 point deduction.  This will be violation like structural issues or mild cleaning issues.
A medium risk violation will be a 4 point deduction.  This will be violation that may lead to a food born illness.
A high risk violation will be a 6 point deduction.  This will be things that will lead to lead to a food born illness.
This ordinance will require you to disclose your whereabouts on a regular basis.
This can be done by providing you schedule via email, fax, and/or a link to your online schedule.  The regularity of this is still being discussed.
Operational inspections will be around 10 minutes longer due to the grading component.
You will be required to have the grade posted at all times.
You will be required to provide a copy of your last inspection to a customer that asks for it (this can be a copy).
If you receive an unfavorable grade, you can request an Owner Initiated Inspection within 3 days of your unfavorable inspection.  You will pay a fee (TBD) for the new inspection that will take place within 10 days.  The previous unfavorable grade will not be referenced for your new grade inspection.  Additionally, the health department will come to your truck within 30-60 for another surprise inspection.  Statistics show that these inspections promote higher standards and that people that request the Owner Initiated Inspections usually do better in their second inspection and their surprise inspection.
The Health Department will not be raising fees for the extra grading requirements.
You inspection reports will be available to the public online.
More Bathroom Letter info: A public bathroom is ok if
There is single service soap
There are paper towels (hand blower ok)
The bathroom is kept clean
It is within 200ft of the truck
It is on the same side of the street
The bathroom is on the ground floor.
All of these condition apply to ANY bathroom.
The Health Department is sending me detailed information about:
Change of truck ownership
Late registration fees
Requirements of old trucks
I will post these tomorrow, along with some more relevant info.
I wanted you to have the grading info, ASAP.

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