Update 5/7

Sorry about all the Updates lately.

Things are moving really fast.

Some good news:  The Santa Monica Planning Department has decided to issue a temporary conditional use permit for the Original Santa Monica Food Truck Lot.  We’ll probably have this lot open by the end of June.

Silver Lake Jubilee:  The organizers just informed last night that they’re capping the event at 34 trucks per day.  I’m sorry this is last minute and they really have not explained to me why.  I’ll know more later today. I will be sending out invoices for the $200 fee for the Silver Lake Jubilee today.  If you pay by paypal it will be $206 so I can cover the fees and it doesn’t come out of the Association.  There will be an extra $20 a day fee for the bathroom we have to rent.

Please get this paid by next Wednesday to reserve your spot.  Additionally, you must pay off all outstanding Association invoices.

If you are scheduled and want to be taken off please let me know.

I’m sure there are some mistakes so check my (scheduling) work.

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