Update 5/23

Silver Lake Jubilee: The SLJ was  a very successful event!  I’m happy everyone did well.  Just a reminder:  The original price of the event was $350 per day.  We negotiated the cost down to $100 paid in advance per day, plus a $100 per day if it was a successful event.  We did this in order to protect ourselves against another Art Cycle type of event.  All of the emails and updates reflect this cost…  Additionally, I emailed everyone to let them know that there would be a $20 fee per day to rent the bathroom a few weeks before the event.  The Health Department wouldn’t have let us do this event without it.  I will be sending out invoices today to collect these fees.

West Hollywood: We’ve got West Hollywood!  YAY!  Every Saturday!  The booking cost will be $25 and I’ll get everyone’s bathroom letters for the evening.  I’ve booked 5 trucks so far for May 29th so let me know if you want in.  Remember, this will be every Saturday, so I’ll book three weeks in advance.  To schedule, please send the request to lots@socalmfva.com- If you have overdue invoices, please make sure you’re all paid up.  Members who are current on their all their invoices will have priority (it’s the only fair way I can choose when there are more trucks than space.)

Saturday, May 29, 8 p.m. – 12 midnight
a) 3 trucks along Sunset adjacent to the vacant James Lot (8950 Sunset)
b) 2 trucks in the parking lot next to The Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset)
c) 1 truck in front of the Viper Room (8852 Sunset)
d) 2 trucks in the parking lot of Live! On Sunset (8801 Sunset)
e) 1 truck in the City Parking Lot (8459 Sunset)
f) 1 truck in the front The Comedy Store (8433 Sunset)
g) 1 truck in The Comedy Store parking lot (8433 Sunset) [pending]
Main St. Main St. wants trucks!  They want to charge.  I have a meeting to discuss on Wednesday.  Stay Tuned.
Little Tokyo Lot: I’m very sorry this lot has taken me so long.  The owners of the lot move very slow as they’re a corporate entity and review everything with a board.  (I think).  They like my new version of the contract and they want to start mid June.  They are requiring that they be added as an additional insured.  I’ll get you all the information this week.  The cost for the lot is $50, but free for the first 2 weeks for new trucks.
Betsy Butler: The Association is backing Betsy Butler for the 53rd District State Assembly seat.  She is very supportive of the trucks and will give us a much needed contact in the State Assembly.  We can fight City (time limits), and County regulations, but it is almost impossible to fight established State codes (Bathroom letter).
Having Betsy as an ally in the State will help us address any impending unfair legislation before it gets to a vote… Additionally, we’ll lobby to get that 200 ft bathroom letter restriction adjusted.
Health Department: The Health Department will now do distance inspection onsite (they bought more wheels) and they now have an “official” bathroom letter template which I will post tomorrow (waiting on the PDF version).
This past few weeks have been crazy.  The Silver Lake Jubilee and negotiating new lots took up a lot of my time. If you called me, or emailed me and I did not get back to you.  Please call or email ASAP.  I’ll be on the plane from 3pm – 8pm.
I’ve been in Chicago since Sunday at the National Restaurant Association’s convention.  Food trucks are all the rage and The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors’ Association is well known.  Good work everyone, you are the envy of the nation.


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