Hey all,

It’s been a busy week so far.


In the past 10 days there have been time limit tickets (30 minute violation in Santa Monica) and a Bathroom Letter shut down at UCLA. I’m working with our attorneys on both issues.

Time limits: The time limit ordinances that are currently being enforced in Santa Monica need to be challenged.  The recent court decision last year that invalidated a similar time restriction in LA, gives us a pretty good chance of a successful challenge. I have received all the support documents from the UCLA School of Law professor that led the charge in last years victory.  Additionally, the Association attorneys have secured, from the court, all the documents related to a successful time limit challenge against Los Angeles County (2008).  Now that we have a member that has received a ticket for this antiquated regulation, we have the opportunity to challenge it.  This challenge could lead to similar challenges in the surrounding municipalities.

Bathroom letter: The truck that was shut down yesterday had permission from UCLA to use the bathroom and John Mrwick was telling the inspector as much, while he was in the process of shutting down the truck.  The State code does not actually require a letter, it merely requires permission.  The letter is just the best way (besides hearing it from the person giving the permission) to ensure that there is ACTUAL permission.  Our attorney called yesterday to complain and talked to Jose Martinez.  His argument was that the County only has two measurement wheels so they need to make an appt to measure before hand.  Round and round we go with this same argument.  This time, however, the attorney will be discussing this and a serious threat of legal action will be explained to them.  If you’re interested in picking up a measurement wheel and leaving it on your truck, here is an affordable one. If their argument is that they cannot measure because they don’t bring the wheel to the inspection, let’s nullify that argument.  This issue could be ongoing, and it may be a good idea to protect yourself with a measuring device while we get it worked out.

Blocked path: LAPD are writing tickets for violating 56.08(e) when your hatch is lower than 7 feet.  This is a misapplication of the code.  They are only allowed to write this for ‘structures’ and not trucks… There is a hearing next week for a member and I’ll let you know how it goes.

FIRST FRIDAY LOT: Please let me know how much this is worth.  You can send me an email.  I’m trying to negotiate a low price, but I need to have a ceiling.

SILVER LAKE JUBILEE:  Checked out the site on Thursday, I’m going back tomorrow to do another walk through.  We are probably going to need to rent a Honey Wagon for bathrooms for us.  It would work out to $15 per truck, but I think it’s better safe than sorry.  Here is the schedule.  Please check both days and make sure I got things right.  I can certainly guarantee that there are plenty of mistakes, as requests were coming in quick: SILVER LAKE JUBILEE SCHEDULE. I’m also working out the power requirements.

ROLLING STOVES: I’m happy to announce our partnership with Rolling Stoves, (not RoadStoves) a site for mapping trucks (as well as some other great features).  The map will appear on our site with real time tracking of trucks for the public.  I think it’s a great service and the developer is working with the Association to address any of your concern/needs.  I would love to get everyone signed up ASAP.  I’ll forward you on to the developer so he can get you started.

BIOS: The bio questionnaire sheet will go out at the beginning next week.

I’d like to welcome our new members, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Have a safe day, and weekend out there.



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