Update 4/26

Still going well at the Century lot.  We had a little rain last week, but the trucks still did well.  If you haven’t been scheduled, please request it and I’ll get you in there ASAP.

We now have one truck a day there.  Please let me know how it’s going.

I just had a meeting with the Little Tokyo lot (120 Judge John Aiso St) organizers.  We have a few changes to make on the contract and we’re off and running.  The lot looks great.  There are buildings all around and this should help to make the lot successful.   We will have two trucks a day there.  (picture below)

I’m going down to measure out the space (quarter mile stretch of closed of street).  We’re still working out the logistics.  I’m working out cold and dry storage options for us.  If you have any suggestions or special needs for the day of the event please email me or comment below.

I talked to the owner of the lot on Venice and Abbot Kinney (Southeast corner).  She is willing to rent us the lot for the next First Friday.  There is a bathroom onsite and they’re removing the containers that are on the lot now.  I’ll know more tomorrow.

Still working on it.

We have a new intern! Her name is Danielle Lehman (danielle@socalmfva.com), and she will be helping us out.  First thing: bios.  She’ll be sending out a one sheet questionnaire so we can create a member bio section on the website.

We’re going to partner up with Rolling Stoves (http://rollingstoves.com) to provide a real time map for all the Association members who want to use it.

Email me if you have questions:  matt@socalmfva.com

Email the for lot bookings lots@socalmfva.com

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