Outdoor Cinema Food Fest

Update: 5/5!

(from comments below)

I met with the organizers at the site two days ago.   I convinced them that the Association can meet their weekly needs for trucks so they don’t have to require members to sign up for the entire summer. They offered $150 per night without having to commit for more than one event at a time.

The $150 includes the price of the Honey Wagon that will need to be rented once a week.  The total cost of the wagon will be around $500.  They’re also going to be providing a dedicated security guard for the trucks.  There is a lot of costs associated with an event like this and they are expecting (based on other events) 5,000- 7,000 people.  We will adjust the trucks accordingly on a week to week basis to make sure you’re all doing well.  The first event will be $100 and will comprise of 12-15 trucks.  I think 12-15 trucks will do well if there are 5000 people attending.  The next week we will adjust the amount of trucks to make sure everyone is doing well.  Since this type of event is so new, I think there will be a lot of adjustments all Summer long.  The nice thing is, the organizers will work with us to make sure everyone is comfortable with the arrangement.

Let me know what you think.

In order to be a part of this Summer long event, you must have the application filled out and sent in by May 28.


Check out their Vendor application below.

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