April 18th Meeting Minutes

Sunday April 18th 2010- Meeting minutes:

Century Blvd
Lot is going well. We’ll continue to adjust the amount of trucks there until we find the right fit. It’s VERY important that you’re on time. 10:45AM arrival- ready to serve at 11AM. Things get going early at this lot.

LA Mart
Going down to one truck a day (plus supplemental drink truck on Tuesday’s and/or Thursdays) until they add their new tenant in June. Since there is only one truck per day it is imperative that you show up on time and ready to serve. Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance, and you must CALL ME.

Little Tokyo
I have the contract, I’m making some changes, it will be back to them on Thursdays, April 22nd. Hopefully we’ll get this open by the beginning of May.

I’m booking the lots directly. Sorry about last month’s screw up. The director of Artwalk is very busy and it just fell through the cracks. I’m already reaching out to lot owners.

Silverlake Jubilee
WE’RE IN! $100 per day… If it’s a good event another $100 on the back end, for a total of $400 for the weekend. We’re still working out logistics.

Membership agreements
Will be done this week
Done: just going over them one more time
Complaint forms
These are for instances when you feel you’ve been mistreated by the authorities, police or LA County Public Health- I’ll have these ready to go next week
Truck info posted
Is it ok to post Truck contact information in the Truckers only section of the website? The general consensus was YES.
Bathroom letters
They will not shut you down if you have a letter, you are within 200 ft (no elevators) of a bathroom with hot water, paper towels, and soap. That being said, fax in your letters ASAP.
Private party agreements
We’ll do a one sheet agreement so you have some protection against event organizers who promise the world and deliver nothing.

Would you like them posted on the site with an “reply” section?

I’ll be making a section on the website where I can post UPDATES and everyone can make comments. It will cut down on emails and make online discussions easier.

Lets keep membership disputes internal.
If it is something that can’t be resolved, I will help mediate.
Other Disputes: If you are having issues with anything, please let me know and I will try to help you resolve them
-Health Department
-City officials

Bundled insurance
I’m working with an insurance company to get us reduced rates for the Association. More to follow

It was suggested that I add a FAQ section to the website for new members. I’m working on that now.

I will also be adding information on ordinances, and license fees in the coming days.

Thanks for attending the meeting and/or reading the minutes. If you have any further questions. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me – ANYTIME!



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