Meeting Minutes 6/6

Santa Monica 30 minutes:
The SMPD has been cracking down on the 30 minute time limit condition of your vendor permit.  I don’t believe that this condition will stand up to a court challenge.  The issue we’re now facing is upsetting the politicos in SM who are about to give us permits to open lots in Santa Monica.  We have a hearing on August 13th to challenge a 30 minute ticket given to a member, but I believe we have to tread lightly.  Please let me know what you think in the comments section.

Duarte Food Fair:
The trucks have been chosen for this event.  It will be a fundraiser (no free food) for a high school trip.  The organizers will make their money off of entrance fees not off of trucks.

I negotiated a deal that would bring 25 food trucks to the event, without entrance fees.  The event is on September 5th from 10-10pm on the Paramount Studios lot.  There will be three bands playing (The Roots, the Bravery and Franz Ferdinand).
UPDATE: The organizers emailed me yesterday and said that they now want 10%-15% of your sales.  I replied that we weren’t interested.  They want to discuss it today.

The Youth Takeover Festival:  Another festival held at the same location as the original LA Street Food Fest.   It will be held on August 21st from 11-6pm  The festival’s goal is to foster greater understanding and respect for today’s youth. The

proceeds derived from this event will be distributed equally to several youth based 501 c3 organizations within the Southern California area.  The entrance fee to this will be a $30 booking fee.

The LB Street Food Fest:
July 24th.  Hours are 10:30am-5pm.  They have upgraded their location to the beautiful Long Beach Marina Green Park (just off the 710 at Shoreline & adjacent to the Shoreline Dr & Linden Dr parking area) *will insert pic*  They have secured two top bands, Delta Nove & Blue Steel.  They are offering an incentive for you to bring your followers to the event.  If the # of attendees reaches 3,500, each truck will receive $100 back.  If the #s = 5,000, you will get $150 back, and 7000 means $200 back to you!  Keep in mind the initial entry fee of $350 includes business & special LB Health Permit licenses needed to do business in the City of Long Beach (yup, this is in addition to your LA County permit).  They are a 501(c) 3 so your fee is *partially tax deductible*.      Originally, when I spoke to them they hinted that there would be a way to recoup all of you money back if enough people.  That does not seem to be the case now.  A bit irritating.

Credit Card Processing: I’ve been negotiating with Hippo Charging about getting a group processing rate.  They came out and addressed the membership.  They have really great rates and if you’re not taking cards, or want to check out their rates, please email, I think you’ll find them very attractive.

LOTS of LOTS: We may be signing a contract with a company that has lot locations, including Home Depots and Loews all over the Los Angeles area.  I still have not seen the contract.

ARTWALK: Once again, the lot owner who was supposed to give us his lot has flaked.  Very frustrating, and I have a feeling he is getting pressure from business owners in the area.
TODAY’S UPDATE: A media company is asking trucks if they would like to participate in a advertising push for a new HBO show.  They would require you to post (via wrap or other method) their advertising on your truck for a month (mid August to September).  They’re looking for 15-20 trucks.  They have a $30k budget for the campaign.  Please email me if you’re interested.


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