I just received a copy of a motion put forth by Tom LaBonge (seconded by Paul Koretz) that proposes to prohibit trucks from parking at meters in Commercial Zones.   LaBonge’s office has been telling me, and Erin Glenn, of the Luncheros organization that they want to meet with us to discuss solutions.  Instead, they put this motion forward without even consulting us.  When we started our campaign against Paul Koretz, we had a lot of success.   I would really like the people in both LaBonge’s office and Koretz’s office to come back from the weekend  swamped with emails.  While I don’t think this has a chance of passing, I think it is a great opportunity for us to show them just how much influence we have.

I think we should start tweeting about this tomorrow morning.  Lets start the discussion in the comment section.  The motions are below.

I’ll have some sample tweets up as soon as the LAist.com article breaks.



FYI: SLAUSON CATERING will reopen at 10pm tonight.


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