Santa Monica

6.36.100 General requirements.
(a) Location Restrictions. No person may vend:
(1) Within ten feet from the outer edge of any entrance of any business, including, but not limited to: doors; vestibules; driveways; outdoor dining area entries; and emergency exits as measured in each direction parallel to the building line, during the hours that any business on the premises is open to the public or to persons having or conducting lawful business within those premises.
(2) Within ten feet of any bus stop.
(3) Within ten feet of any street corner or marked pedestrian crosswalk.
(4) Within thirty-five feet of any other vendor.
(5) In any manner that blocks or obstructs the free movement of pedestrians.
(b) Vending or Renting on Beaches and Public Parks Prohibited. All vending activity on the beaches and in public parks is prohibited. No vendor permit shall be issued to any person for the vending of any food products, goods, or merchandise, or the renting of any types of goods, merchandise, or services on the beaches and in public parks in the City of Santa Monica.
(c) Receipts. Upon request by a buyer, a vendor shall give a receipt to the buyer. The receipt shall list the following:
(1) The vendor’s name.
(2) The vendor’s City vendor permit number.
(3) The vendor’s address or telephone number.
(4) The items sold.
(5) The price of each item sold.
(6) The total price of all items sold.
(d) Cleanup Responsibility. A vendor shall keep his or her vending or performing area litter free. He or she must remove litter caused by his or her products off of any public property and other private property. A vendorwith a pushcart shall have a trash container in or on the cart.
(e) Noise Limit. Except as provided for in this Chapter, a vendor shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 4.12 of Article 4 of this Code. Vendors within the Third Street Promenade shall be subject to the noise regulations in Chapter 6.116. In addition, no vendor shall be so loud as to be heard inside the premises of an adjacent building or structure while the entrance door to the premises is closed.
(f) Pushcart Standards. A vendor’s pushcart (or other device) shall be kept clean and in a safe condition when used on public property. The pushcart shall display the following:
(1) The vendor’s name, business name, and City permit number on all vertical sides of the cart. The lettering shall be at least one inch high. A food vendor shall include his or her Los Angeles County Department of Healthpermit number.
(2) A photocopy of the vendor’s City vendor permit on at least two vertical sides of the cart.
(g) Compliance with Conditions. No person shall vend contrary to the terms or any conditions imposed in approving a vendor permit pursuant to this Chapter. (Prior code §6290;
added by Ord. No. 1495CCS, adopted 9/26/89; amended by Ord. No. 1712CCS § 3, adopted 1/23/93; Ord. No. 1888CCS, § 5, 10/28/97)


(a)  You can only be in any one spot, or within 100 feet of that spot for 30 minutes or less within a 3 hour period
(b)  You must move 100 ft from the place you were vending if your 30 minutes have expired
(c) You must be 35 feet from the closest truck
(d) You must be more than 10 feet from the entrance to the front door of a business or 4 feet from a building
(e) You must be more than 10 feet from any street corner
(f)  On a sidewalk of less than 8 feet you must keep 4 feet of the sidewalk clear
(g)   No person may vend in any manner that blocks or obstructs the free movement of pedestrians.

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