Museum Lot- MAIN ST

And here we go!  TONIGHT!  9/28 5:30-10pm!

The Association had it’s first meeting on January 2nd of this year. We opened our first food truck lot in Santa Monica on January 4th. The next day it was shut down by zoning enforcement. Nine months later, and after a lot of deliberation, we’re finally opening the first official (with permits) food truck lot in Santa Monica on September 28th. The lot is located on 2612 Main Street. We’re essentially paying the California Heritage Museum rent to use the space. All the money raised goes to help fund the museum.

The Victorian Bar shares the parking lot we’ll be using so they will supply the beverages and the seating (both indoor and patio). Debbie Lee, from Ahn- Joo, and I will be celebrating our birthdays there that night, so it might be a good idea to take Wednesday off from work as the Victorian Bar is open until 2am.

The Trucks that will be there:

Nom Nom
No Reservations Catering
Don Chow Tacos
India Jones
Shrimp Pimp

Hope to see you there!



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