This weekend is the Duarte Food Fair. Rarely do we have Food Truck Events so far east, so this will be an excellent chance for Eastsiders to come out and enjoy some delicious food truck food.

The event is for a good cause, and benefits students of Duarte High School raising money for a “humanitatian” journey to nicaragua. The students will engage in various community service activities throughout thier adopted community: micro loans, rennovations, cultural exchange, providing 21st technology, etc. The youth2youth program has raised over $6,000 to fund various humanitarian efforts, aid to tsunami victims, construction of a library in Sri Lanka, aid to Katrina victims, donation to habitat for humanity, aid to hatian earthquake victims, and campaigns to bring awareness to the genocide in Darfur.

There is plenty of free parking, so come one come all. Admission is $5-General, and $3 for students. All of the money goes to a good cause!

Duarte High School- 1565 Central Avenue Duarte, CA

Food Truck Attendees: Mrs. Beasley’s, Papas Tapas, Del’s Lemonade, Buttermilk, Tropical Shave Ice, La Galette Creperie, Flying Pig, Fresh Fries, Slice Truck, The Place LA, Lake St. Creamery



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