They’re at it again…

For the past three weeks, I’ve been waiting to get a meeting with LaBonge’s office. Erin Glenn of the Luncheros organization (traditional taco truck advocate) was promised by LaBonge’s staff that he would meet with us before attempting to push through any motion. So you can imagine how surprised I was when Zach Behrens of called me for a quote yesterday for a post.

I quickly realized that the motion that looked to prohibit trucks from parking at meters wasn’t going to go very far. California Vehicle code 22455 has been strictly construed by the California Court of Appeals. It says that “municipalities may regulate the parking of such vehicles (referring to lunch trucks) provided that they do not prohibit such vending (this is a prohibition) and provided that the purpose of such regulation furthers ‘public safety’ (this does not further public safety).

My real issue with the motion is that we (truck advocates in LA) were promised a meeting. We have continually reached out to the City to show that we want to work with them to find resolutions to issues affecting the industry. In return we get bypassed and a silly motion that has no chance of passing gets introduced by Tom LaBonge and seconded by Paul Koretz (of course).

So now the fight begins. They must think that the people who frequent the trucks are not the type to complain. Our successful campaign against Koretz should have been an indication of how passionate people are about delicious food at reasonable prices.

Please help us push back. I would love to see their email boxes full when they return on Monday.  Please CC me on emails to the City. matt(at)

Here is a link to an example email.

Email Koretz, LaBonge and Staff

Email Paul Koretz and Staff

Email Tom Labonge and Staff

Please sign our petition

Please join our Facebook Page

Phone numbers for their offices:
Tom LaBonge (213) 485-3337
Paul Koretz: 213-473-7005

It’s the weekend, so lets fill their phone message box so they have something to do on Monday.

Thank you for your help.

Matt Geller


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