Summer food!

Things have been busy at the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors’ Association.  The Silver Lake Jubilee was an amazing success and we would like to thank the Los Angeles Arts and Athletics Alliance (LAAAA) for including the SoCalMFVA.  The LAAAA did a great job with the organization, promotion and logistics of such a huge event.  Jack Martinez (LAAAA) pulled it all together.  I hope we get to work with them again next year.

We’ve got lots on Sunset. West Hollywood has decided to allow trucks in their great city for the first time in six years.  They will be positioned down Sunset Blvd on Saturday evenings from 8pm-12pm.  Schedule. The numbers next to the trucks on the schedule represent the address where they will be.

The Little Tokyo lot on Judge John Aiso St. will be open mid June… PROMISE!

I need your help! The Association is backing Betsy Butler.  We believe in her and she is a strong supporter of the Food Truck movement.  She has been unfairly attacked by some really unsavory groups: –read The election for the 53rd Assembly District is on June 8th.  If you live in the District, please vote.  If you don’t, please help us get the word out via Facebook, twitter and word of mouth.

I was at the National Restaurant Association’s convention in Chicago this past weekend.  One thing is clear, food trucks are sweeping the nation and Los Angeles is the envy of every city.  I sat on a panel with Ludo Lefebvre, Aaron Novashen (food truck operator SF), Mary Sue Milliken (Border Grill), Tiffany Kurtz (Cupcake truck- Chicago), and Ray Villaman (Mobi Munch).  We discussed the growing popularity and some of the regulatory hurdles.  It was a great time.

Thanks for supporting the food truck movement.


picture from Chef Phillip Foss


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