You don’t call… You don’t write…

Last Thursday, we started our email campaign to let Paul Koretz know how many supporters the Food Truck industry in Los Angeles has.  So far, he has not responded to anyone.  The only emails back are generic auto-response emails that have nothing to do with the Food Trucks.  Today I’m going to call and see if I can get someone to talk to me about the Councilman’s position.  I’ll even invite them out to one of our events or lots.  If they don’t want to discuss this issue with us, we’re going to have to organize a group of supporters to go down to the Councilman’s office.  We’ll bring a food truck so everyone gets fed.

If you have some extra time today, please give a call to the Councilman’s office and ask to speak to Christopher Koontz or Emily Kane about the Councilman’s position.  They can ignore emails, but it’s much harder to ignore phone calls.  The number is 213-473-7005. Let’s DEMAND that they listen to the will of the people…. Long live consumer choice!


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