Food Truck Foes

It always makes me nervous when City, State, or Federal officials take the side of one business, or industry over another.  Competition is a  healthy part of the marketplace and the real beneficiaries of competition are the consumer.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz disagrees.

A quote from Councilman Koretz concerning food trucks, “A lot of businesses in stationary, permitted locations feel it’s unfair competition, and I tend to agree with them,” Koretz said. “There have been problems with these trucks popping up in front of businesses and people’s homes. They’re less of a nuisance in one lot, but I’m not thrilled with that either. I think they work well at construction sites where it’s difficult for workers to have access to other food, but I think that should be their only place in the city.” (Article:)

Councilman Koretz thinks food trucks should be limited to construction sites?  He believes that it’s unfair competition?   Councilman Paul Koretz is calling the trucks a nuissance.

Please let him know how you feel.  You can email him at  or call him at 310-289-0353. We need to let the City know how important good Mobile food is to the residents of Los Angeles!

You can CC: the SoCalMFVA at matt(at),

The best emails will be chosen, and those followers will be invited to our next private food truck tasting.


Here is a great email from a supporter!

Hilarious email from a supporter!


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